Freudian Clip – The Film Club

The club will aim to meet once a month and a movie will be shown followed by a conversation between audience members on various aspects of the film and its links with psychiatry, psychology and psychotherapy. The aim of the club is to promote understanding of psychiatry, psychology, psychotherapy, psychological problems and psychiatric disorder through the medium of film.

The first meeting of Freudian Clip Film Club is likely to be May 28th at the Royal Society of Medicine at 1 Wimpole Street at 6.30pm and we propose to show Silver Linings Playbook followed by a discussion. We are applying for CPD credits for attenders who want to use the meeting for Continuing Professional Development and we will distribute by email and on the day relevant research papers to the movie and topics of discussion. If we show Silver Linings Playbook then the topics for discussion will include mood swings and Bipolar Disorder as well as Personality Disorder and insight plus motivation to change.

If you want to find out the details of the next film we are showing and discussing please visit this meet-up site for more information and to book tickets:

Photography by Raj Persaud

Photography by Raj Persaud

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  1. philpearl says:

    See a trailer for Silver Linings Playbook at

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